Upcoming Events

The Karmiel Dance Festival: 24-26 / 7/18


On Tuesday, July 24, 2018, the 31st Karmiel Festival will open.

For three days and nights, non-stop, there will be about 100 shows and events attended by about 10,000 dancers from Israel and abroad.

The festival opens with a colorful parade of hundreds of dancers accompanied by orchestras.

In addition to the folk dances, the festival hosts dance competitions between the various groups

To the festival’s website: http://www.karmielfestival.co.il

The Voice of Music Festival in the Upper Galilee: 9/7/18 – 14/7/18

The Voice of Music Festival in the Upper Galilee, held in Kibbutz Kfar Blum in the Upper Galilee, hosts concerts by leading Israeli artists and leading artists from abroad.

In addition to the festival’s main events, the “Voice of Music for Children Festival” is a unique collection of musical events dedicated to young guests.

To the Festival website: http://www.raktarbut.co.il/?p=1217

The Safed Klezmer Festival: 14-16 / 8/2018

The Safed International Klezmer Festival

Recognized as one of the most beautiful and exciting musical events of the year.

The Jewish soul music that plays during the festival gives the festival a unique character that is unparalleled in the world.

During the three days of the festival there are concerts performed by more than 90 bands and ensembles from Israel and abroad.

The shows take place on several stages located in the alleys of Old Safed.

The festival program, list of participants, performances, are displayed on the Festival website – http://www.klezmerf.com