Upcoming Events

In addition to nature and history treasures, the Galilee holds events, festivals and celebrations throughout the seasons.

Among the Vineyards (Bein HaKramim) Festival 15-22/8/2019

The festival is known as one of the attractive summer festivals in Israel.

Various music shows performed by the best Israeli artists and bands take place in the festival since 2007.

In addition to the music shows the visitors can enjoy guided tours and tastes in the Galilee Vineyards, rural food in the colorful farmer fair and more. The events are held in number of villages in Merom HaGalil Regional Council (Upper Galilee).

The Safed Klezmer Festival: 12-14/8/2019 

The Safed International Klezmer Festival Recognized as one of the most beautiful and exciting musical events of the year.

The Jewish soul music that plays during the festival gives the festival a unique character that is unparalleled in the world.

During the three days of the festival there are concerts performed by more than 90 bands and ensembles from Israel and abroad.

The shows take place on several stages located in the alleys of Old Safed.

The festival program, list of participants, performances, are displayed on the Festival website – http://www.klezmerf.com

The Knights’Halls in Acre -The Hospitaller Fortress

The Knights’ Halls are not just history. Throughout the months of July-August, you are invited to sites in the city above and in the city below. Visit the Hospitaller Citadel and the Knights’ Halls, travel in time to the 12th century in virtual reality glasses, see and hear the story of the last blan in Turkish Hammam, tour the Templar Tunnel and visit the artists’ avenue in the Knights’ halls where children can dress up for knights and experience knighthood games, participate in fun games, Expect glass blowing activities, natural soaps, face painting, sword painting, watercolors, antique embroidery and more.
In addition to these regular activities, special activities will be held in the Knights’ halls in August